Bank general organization

The Galliera Genetic Bank (GGB) of the Human Genetic Laboratory at Galliera Hospital in Genoa has started in 1983. Several cases of human genetic diseases have been collected from the linked laboratory and from many other centres throughout Italy.
To date in the bank are stored: IL-2 activated lymphocytes, EBV transformed B cell lines, parted lymphocytes, fibroblast cell cultures, amniotic fluid cell lines, trophoblast cells, chorionic villi, tissue samples and DNAs of subjects affected by different genetic diseases.
Data on each subjects are collected in a database with information referring to code number, personal data, clinical history diagnostic status and sending institution.
The appropriate consent is obtained from patients or their parents and personal details remain confidential.
The Galliera Genetic Bank is supported by Telethon Italian Foundation.

Condition for the supply

  1. the samples will be used for research purposes only and not for commercial use,
  2. all the cases stored in GGB are available free of charge,
  3. shipping charge will be charged to investigator,
  4. materials can not be distributed to other investigators without permission of GGB,
  5. if the samples are quoted in any pubblication the investigator must include in the acknowledgements the GGB supported by Italian Telethon project; a reprint of pubblications will be sent to GGB,
  6. no materials are released prior to receipt of the signed agreement form.

Laboratory equipments

All the equipments concerning the preparations and storage of cell lines, tissues and DNAs has been provided by Laboratory of Human Genetic of Galliera Hospital-Genoa-Italy.
The Laboratory of Human Genetic is equipped with all the main instruments for cytogenetic, FISH and molecular genetic analyses.